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uPVC Geographic Info

# Type Name
2 District BANKURA
3 Mandal Mejhia
3 Village / Area C Type Multistored Building
3 Pind Code 722183

Quick Facts about uPVC Windows & Doors

  • Low in maintenance:You need not paint frequently, sanding and varnishing. Upvc needs only occasional wipe with soap water.
  • Better aesthetics:uPVC windows and doors come in variety of designs which enhance the construction’s aesthetics.
  • Color options:The material comes in wide range of colors for both interiors and exteriors.
  • Weather Resistance:uPVC windows and doors are suitable to any weather conditions.
  • Security & Energy-efficient:uPVC windows are doors are highly secured as they cannot be opened by any intruder.
  • Sound Insulation:Installation of double glazed or triple glazed greatly reduce noise from outside.
  • Eco-friendly:All uPVC products are Eco-friendly and recyclable both during the manufacturing process or at the end of life.
  • Fire resistant: uPVC material is slow to ignite and its chlorine content acts as a fire retardant.