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UPVC windows have been trend setters with variety of designs still maintaining aesthetics of the construction and bringing in nature.

UPVC Casement Windows are attached to its UPVC Frame by one or more hinges at the sides, making the window hinge with a sash that swings inside or outside, and opens with the help of Friction Hinge. Casement windows are opened and closed with a crank, handle or lever and hence also called as ‘Crank window’. These are widely preferred when the window opening is narrow and tall.

There are three types of casement windows:-

  1. Single frame casement windows: – These consist of a window casement and a window frame wherein the casement can be hinged either to the left or to the right of the frame. They can be used in homes where smaller window openings are possible. These can also be tilted or opened inwards into the room.
  2. Double casement windows:- These type of windows are quiet common wherein either sides of the window are hinged. They open outward and meet in the middle. These windows appear more elegant than single frame windows.
  3. Push-out casement window: – It is extremely easy to use push-out windows and they do not require a crank to operate.

Benefits of UPVC casement windows are:-

  1. Easy to access nature: – As casement windows can be opened completely, air flow will pass through properly providing ample ventilation and pleasant appearance within the dwelling.
  2. Highly secured: – Casement windows are very difficult to break and their hook shaped locks are embedded within the frame making them untouchable from outside.
  3. Space optimization:- Casement windows would be ideal for narrow and tall window opening depending upon the room size.
  4. Easy to maintain: – These types of windows can be easiest to use, clean and require less maintenance over time.
  5. UV resistance:- UPVC casement window profiles contain Polyurethane making them UV resistant.
  6. Cost effective:- Casement windows are easy to install and cost effective too.