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Best UPVC window designs for your kitchen

Windows play an important role in any given construction space and especially for a kitchen where Homeowners spend lot of time. Along with being crucial for light and ventilation, windows also add to the home d├ęcor. Accordingly, Window positioning compels much deliberation in designing the Kitchen and below elements drive the design.

1. Safety: – Window positioning must let out all the grime and smoke.

2. Operability :- Operable windows increase ventilation in the kitchen.

3. Privacy: – Incase kitchen is facing a street, higher off positioned windows from ground are required for privacy.

4. Design / functionality: – Windows enhance the design and functionality of a kitchen.

Observing the importance of Kitchen windows, UPVC brings in various designs that are safe yet enhancing aesthetics.

1. Double-hung kitchen windows: – Double-hung kitchen windows have two sashes at the top and the bottom allowing them open both vertically and horizontally causing ventilation much easier.

2. Casement windows: – This window design operates on the hinge mechanism. The window turns up towards the right or the left to open outward. Casement uPVC windows are simple and easy to operate.

3. Awning windows: – These windows are usually installed alongside a fixed window, usually at the top letting in air and extra ventilation to let out all the smoke.

4. Picturesque windows: – These are full-length hinged/sliding windows that allow maximum light in the kitchen and give you an incredible view of the outdoors.

5. Slider windows: – These windows open by sliding to the left or the right. The design has horizontal sliders that come with three-pane configurations which are easy to operate. These require low-maintenance.