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Windows and doors are an integral part of a home conversing a lot about the building, making aesthetics and durability significant.

Wood and UPVC are usually preferred materials for construction whether residential or commercial. Then again, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) doors and windows have become popular oflate due to their advantages over wood.

Also, growing urbanization has an ardent need for eco-friendly constructions and UPVC is approved for green building concept, for its properties like lead-free (pb) and absence of other hazardous substances. We shall observe benefits of UPVC over wood, in the below table.

S.No Component UPVC Wood
1 Easy to maintain and durability These windows and doors donot require much of maintenance and can be cleaned just with soap water. UPVC materials has an average life of 30-40 years. Wooden windows and doors require painting and polishing regularly. Even then, the life span of wood is 15-20 years.
2 Better aesthetics UPVC supports to maintain building aesthetics. Wooden windows and doors are rigid incase of aesthetics.
3 Secure UPVC windows and doors cannot be force opened by intruder as this material has a stronger layer of galvanized steel and hence is very difficult to break them through. Wooden windows and doors can be forcefully opened by any intruder.
4 Insulation and Sound proofing These provide high level of insulation against outside noise. Wooden material donot have this advantage.
5 Protection from termites UPVC properties keep termites away from windows and doors. Wooden material is always prone to termites and requires to be varnished regularly.
6 Environmental friendly UPVC materials are recognized for being eco-friendly as they can be reprocessed upto 10 times. Wooden material cannot be reprocessed, and it is a threat to environment as it must be cut down each time we need wood.
7 Cost effective UPVC doors and windows fit in the budgets of a common man. Wood is expensive compared to UPVC.


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A construction’s nature and idea are known by their access paths and other nodes of the building, thereby making aesthetics and capabilities awfully essential. Many building materials like wood, fiberglass, Steel, Aluminium, uPVC, Glass doors, Iron and hollow core doors are prevalent in the market for making a structure yet uPVC material is widely preferred for its unique properties.

UPVC is unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride), without any added plasticizing agent. They are free of lead (Pb) and other hazardous substances. UPVC is harder than PVC due to absence of plasticizer.

According to “Building Design+ Construction” survey in 2011, top factors influencing doors & window system choices are energy / thermal performance, durability / reliability, weather resistance, aesthetics and performance; making uPVC a natural choice for eco-friendly constructions having aesthetics maintained.

The India Brand Equity Foundation mentions that Indian real estate industry is expected to reach UDS 180 million by 2020. This incredible growth in real estate logically spurts the construction industry too stimulating adverse issues related to environment and sustainability. Besides, it is learnt that the construction sector of India emits about 22% of total emission of CO2 which is harmful for the environment. As a result, government initiated eco-friendly constructions under “Energy Conservation of Building Code” which is another driving force for uPVC industry.

Benefits of uPVC :-

The Indian window and door (all types of materials) market was learnt to be around INR 13,000 crore in year 2013-14 and the market share of uPVC windows and door profiles contributed to 6-7 per cent. As per one of the reports by Ken Research, Indian window and door market is expected to reach over INR 15,000 crore revenues by FY-2020 and out of that, the uPVC segment is expected to contribute at around 8-10 per cent approx. i.e. 1500 crore. This is because of the increased awareness among builders and consumers on the benefits of uPVC.

UPVC window frames do not require much maintenance and can be actually cleaned simply with detergent water. While other material windows like wooden is prone to termites and steel requires regular conditioning. For building exteriors too UPVC materials require little effort to maintain. Also, uPVC has highest durability upto 25 yrs or above while other materials life is maximum 10-12 yrs. uPVC is also UV stabilized which leads to this material being weather resistant and thermally efficient.

The non-conductor property of uPVC keeps indoor temperature consistent unlike other materials, resulting in lower energy consumption. Double-glazing and uPVC frames are known to make high energy efficient windows. Acoustic insulation too is maintained intact with uPVC as they could cut down noise by more than 50%.

Also, uPVC profiles are designed as per Indian tropical conditions and are extruded and tested.

The Eco-friendly nature of uPVC encourages reliability and sustainable future as these materials are recyclable either during its lifecycle or towards end of its lifecycle, for future production. Even the waste generated during the uPVC manufacturing process can be reprocessed.